On-demand webinar

The Powerful and Comprehensive API for Mobile App Development and Testing

Bitbar Testing provides a very powerful and useful Testdroid Cloud API for its users to manage all aspects of mobile development and testing automatically. This powerful API caters your needs to instantly access our device farm, manage your projects, your test runs and results, plus many other things that will make your mobile app, game and web testing smoother, faster and less stressful on real Android and iOS devices.

Watch this one-hour session to learn how to adopt Testdroid Cloud API for your mobile app development and testing. We'll showcase the basic scenarios and provide variety of examples of how to get started and how to integrate this powerful and comprehensive API for your internal development and testing environment.

Key takeaways from this webinar will include:

  • The fundamentals of using APIs as part of your development and testing effort
  • How to adopt Testdroid API and how to integrate with your own build and development environment
  • Tips & Tricks - and the best practices - to build mobile apps, games and web stuff for hundreds of millions of users

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