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Our partners choose Bitbar to consolidate their mobile DevOps processes with our automation technology on app build, test, deploy and monitor. As a strategic DevOps alliance, Bitbar helps you to improve the performance of your clients' applications, assist you to expand presence into every major market and achieve repeatable success.

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Strategic Cloud Platforms

Bitbar collaborates with world's leading cloud platforms to bring comprehensive mobile app testing capabilities to millions of mobile app developers via various PaaS providers.

The availability of Bitbar testing solution on the following cloud platforms empowers Enterprises to further streamline your mobile DevOps processes, with the ability to continuously test mobile applications on hundreds of real devices and realize the potential of an optimal CI/CD pipeline to ship quality apps faster to end users

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Technical Integration Partners

Bitbar's Technical Integration Partners (TIP) program empowers industry-leading technology providers to integrate and unify their solutions with Bitbar's product portfolio, establishing a world-class mobile DevOps methodology for clients and delivering greater values to our joint customers.

By working in conjunction with us, our technology partners are able to enjoy a sophisticated and reliable mobile app testing and monitoring platform with physical devices and real network around the globe and get exposure to every customer under Bitbar's umbrella in access to greater market opportunities.

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Global Solution Providers

Our Solution Partners program is designed for any sized IT services and consulting companies to use our mobile app testing and monitoring platforms to establish seamless mobile DevOps practices and transform the digital experience for their clients.

We provide you with premium support and collaborative onboarding to help you deliver greater value and unparalleled customer success to your end clients. By adding Bitbar technology and products to your existing solution portfolios, it makes easy to differentiate from the crowd, increase customer retention and generate sustainable growth.

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VARs, Digital Agencies & Regional Channels

Embed our services directly to your services through Open APIs, white label our platforms under your brand or resell Bitbar products to your potential customers. Get our mobile app testing and monitoring solutions to take your business growth to the next level.

Expanding your business offerings by adding Bitbar's testing and monitoring services ensures that you can help your customers achieve the scalability and accelerate app release cycle with no concerns on app performance.

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